Ahmad Yani, S.K.M.,M.Kes

Ahmad Yani, S.K.M.,M.Kes. Born in Tambu (Donggala) on September 9th. Graduated as bachelor of public health from FKM UNISMUH PALU in 2013 and later on September 8th 2016 finished his Magister program on Public Health at Hasanuddin University within 1 year and 8 months. Currently, he is working as a lecturer in Public Health Faculty of UNISMUH PALU. He is also responsible as the head of journal management of UNISMUH PALU and becomes the vice of general secretary of Indonesian Public Health Association (IAKMI of Central Sulawesi). Besides, he is also active as a consultant of Open Journal System based Management. In addition, he regularly writes articles regarding to Health and Technology in some well-known medias in Palu city (Central Sulawesi) for instances Mercusuar and Radar Sulteng.